DA Premiere: Julian Calor – Draw Mode (Original Mix)Julian Calor Final

DA Premiere: Julian Calor – Draw Mode (Original Mix)

Julian Calor is shaking things up enroute to his debut album Evolve. As one of Revealed Recording’s most promising young prospects of the past 12 months, the Dutch newcomer used a string of authoritative releases to seal a significant name on the crowded big room circuit that outgunned his national peers considerably. With his full-length first around the corner, the young talent appears to be in the business of breaking national stereotypes enroute to May 1.

‘Draw Mode’ builds subtly around a string of melodic textures and subtle grooves, but still manages to hit home the uplifting lead work that has characterised the majority of his studio work to date. Something has told the Dutch protégé to push outside the comfort zones and in the first instance, he does so with confidence and exceptional coherence. Exceeding expectations and showing considerably more gusto than your everyday first-time dance album smith, expectations sit high for this career landmark from the ever-promising Julian Calor.

Release Date: May 1

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