Jamie Jones takes a stand against the underground vs. mainstream battleJamie Jones

Jamie Jones takes a stand against the underground vs. mainstream battle

If you call Jamie Jones an underground act, you’d better not do so with even the slightest hint of superiority in your voice. The Hot Creations label boss says that kind of holier-than-thou attitude is exactly what’s killing the beauty of the music scene. Unfortunately, the “underground” scene has long had its fair share of music snobs eager and willing to snub anybody who is into anything that doesn’t get their stamp of approval, while the mainstream EDM circle has developed a notoriety for obnoxious fans and press-play DJs.

Jones doesn’t have time for that, and neither do real music fans. “The whole underground vs. mainstream battle or whatever’s going on, for me it takes away from everything that I actually enjoy the most about underground music,” he said during a speech at Winter Music Conference in Miami. “I think that discriminating against events that are making people party for two hours, listening to any DJ, even if they’re throwing cakes or whatever, people are having a good time.

Fellow producers such as Derrick Carter and Visionquest co-founder Seth Troxler have been vocal (sometimes hilariously so) about their opinions on the differences between fans of different music cliques. According to Jones, at the end of the day it’s what we have in common that really matters: their reasons for going out and enjoying great music.

“They’re forgetting about their parents getting divorced or the homework they got to do or the exams they’ve got coming up. They’re just living in the moment,” he said.

Source: Mixmag

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