Sweetland – Solanum (Human Movement Remix)Human Movement Remi

Sweetland – Solanum (Human Movement Remix)

There’s something very interesting stirring on the Australian front and it goes by the name Human Movement. The duo has been making with solid originals since the close of 2014, using tracks ‘To Be‘ and ‘Paradise‘ to show where the Aussie duo looked to fill a gap in their nation’s modern club output. On remix duties for Melbourne peer Sweetland, the boys truly manage to push expectations up a notch. Giving ‘Solanum’ a sparse yet blissfully melodic makeover, their gritty house etiquette meets a convincing progressive middle ground for this first formal remix outing. There are few¬†on the Australian front as fresh and consistent as Human Movement right now, which has us firmly sold that their next 12-months is going to be an interesting one for country and contenders alike.

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