ephemerals – You’ll Never See Me Cry (MOODS Remix)Moods Home Square

ephemerals – You’ll Never See Me Cry (MOODS Remix)

Boogie Angst favourite Moods doesn’t really do predictable. Through a sparing run of releases, the Rotterdam native has shown a new and exciting edge to the European indie dance world, keeping listeners consistently guessing along the way. Behind the wheel of ‘You’ll Never See Me Cry’ this month for Jalapeno Records, the rising Dutchman turns Ephemerals emotive album single into a soulfully charged slice of nostalgic R&B beats with a luscious instrumental twist. For someone who’s only repetitive feature is outright quality, Moods continues to dazzle and dive with creative prowess in a way that sounds truly unique on the European front.

Release Date: October 23

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