Miike Snow reveals first original since 2012, ‘Heart Is Full’MIIKE SNOW HEART IS FULL FINAL

Miike Snow reveals first original since 2012, ‘Heart Is Full’

Individually, members of Miike Snow have remained occupied since their last album release three years ago. Since we last heard new tunes from the trio, Andrew Wyatt collaborated with Flume and A-Trak and also released his own solo project and electronic music was able to see the explosive growth of an EP to full-length album Pharmacy that Christian Karlsson’s new venture Galantis has accomplished.

The comeback is long overdue, and while Miike Snow is definitely back, they might not be back in the way you thought they’d be. “Heart Is Full” is a slow, layered song that sounds much like the long, mounting introduction Miike Snow deserves. But fans will be quick to notice that the group’s signature piano tones have taken a backseat in “Heart Is Full.” Instead, the track makes use of tones far closer to the electronic spectrum than ever before: a vocoder and jazzy underlines create a full, but distinctly different body to the latest from Miike Snow.

“Heart Is Full” might be different, but either way – we’re happy to welcome Miike Snow back.