Apple purportedly developing Siri to function like ShazamSiri

Apple purportedly developing Siri to function like Shazam

According to Patently AppleApple has filed a patent to develop a feature for Siri that will allow it to function similarly to Shazam. According to details of the patent, Apple’s forthcoming technology may likely be a measure to switch iOS users from Shazam to their own application:

“Earlier this month the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that revealed an invention that generally relates to audio analysis and, more specifically, to analyzing audio input for efficient speech and music recognition. While Apple first introduced integrating music identification technology created by Shazam into iOS during their WWDC 2014 event…, was the deal with Shazam only a stopgap measure until they deliver their own home grown solution? Apple’s latest patent application would strongly suggest just that.”

If the above hypothesis is true, Siri’s new feature would theoretically have a limited effect on users, however recent developments regarding Apple Music indicate that this evolution could be another measure to recruit subscribers to their streaming platform.

November 30 marks the dissolution of Beats Music, with Beats subscribers being urged to switch over to Apple Music — not to mention Siri’s responses to questions about music are already limited for users who don’t subscribe to Apple Music.

Whether Siri’s future native music identification technology is simply an improvement of the application or another tactic to pursue Apple Music subscribers is currently unclear, but Apple’s courses of action as their streaming platform grows suggests the latter to be likely.

Via: Patently Apple.

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