Listen to Caspa and Rusko’s brand new collaboration, ‘Blouse An Skirt’Caspa Rusko

Listen to Caspa and Rusko’s brand new collaboration, ‘Blouse An Skirt’

It’s been over a year since Rusko unveiled his last project, simply titled !, in July 2014. The EP marked a stark shift from the wobbly dubstep and head-banging drum and bass for which Christopher Mercer had built up a solid reputation. But just when fans suspected that the English electronic music maestro might have abandoned the sound that shot him into fame, Rusko re-claimed his spot in the limelight in October by announcing that he and Caspa would reunite following a seven-year hiatus. Now, the pair’s famous 2007’s mix, FabricLive.37, will see a long-awaited sequel as the duo have silently produced “almost a full album’s worth of tracks” — the first of which to be released is titled “Blouse An Skirt.” Nearly flirting on the border of demonic, Rusko and Caspa’s latest output sees a positive return to the duo’s gritty roots. Meanwhile, dubstep zealots everywhere are sitting at the edge of their seats, thirsting for more.

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Caspa and Rusko reunite for the first time in years

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