Baauer releases powerful new music video for ‘GoGo!’Baauer Press

Baauer releases powerful new music video for ‘GoGo!’

Imagine your entire relationship with your significant other play out in the space of a car. Now step into that car and let Baauer take you on a journey through it all, as he drops the poignant new video for his most recent single “GoGo!” Baauer’s latest video finds two lovers in a sedan as it plummets from the heavens towards earth, playing out the entirety of their relationship to the accompaniment of Baauer’s knocking, boisterous new work.

From bright sunny days to tumultuous, stormy nights, the Thomas Rhazi-directed feature travels across, or rather downward, through an entire relationship between two lovers. From the passionate episodes┬áto emotional, tenuous moments of anger, the LuckyMe producer┬átakes you on a beautiful crash course set to “GoGo!” ahead of his upcoming record’s impending release.

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