The Nest recruit um.. for their official MiniMixNest HQ

The Nest recruit um.. for their official MiniMix

Los Angeles-based duo um.. are perhaps the most fundamentally dadaist act in modern electronic music. Ben Bruce and Dylan Gold use their stupefying technical proficiency to purvey some of the strangest, silliest, and most forward-thinking music in the electronic scene. These prodigies of peculiarity have only peeked out of the woodwork over the last year, but expect that to change now that they’ve caught Skrillex’s eye. Recently, um.. compiled an unconventionally formidable half hour mix, featuring a slew of originals and similarly inspired tracks by artists like Mr. Carmack and Penthouse Penthouse.

Ben Bruce told us their intentions with the mix:

“We wanted people to hear what an um.. show sounds like. I think it’s hard for people to see how our music translates live until you go to one of our shows. The music we make is meant to be heard live and you can tell when you’re there. It was also a nice surprise to see that OWSLA supported the mix, we didn’t expect that.”

With support from the Nest, a spot on OWSLA’s Weekender series, and a plethora of forthcoming VIPs, it seems um.. is poised for a momentous 2016.


Juelz ­- Cocaine
Yoshinobu ­- Lucid
Lege Kale & SubtomiK -­ Cobra
Kaaris ­- Charge (Mr. Carmack Remix)
Dr. Derg & Gangus -­ Old Chub
um.. ­- skrillex
Hunt For The Breeze -­ Sky Cathedral
um.. ­- ID
QUIX & Dimes ­- Stacked
Skrude & Holly -­ Only Thing
HeRobust -­ Smother Shit
Frank ­- Reefer Madness
Fabian Mazur -­ Juice
um.. ­- mad recent
Sober Rob -­ Bliss (Woods Remix)
um.. ­- ID
um.. ­- dotes
um.. ­- i don’t know
Penthouse Penthouse -­ Friend Zone feat. Marvel Alexander
um.. ­- yeah word cool tight
TDY ­- Sorry
Big Sean ­- Sanctified (Mr. Carmack Remix)
Luminate -­ Nuance
Losco -­ Charge
um.. ­- that’s horrible
um.. ­- don’t copy us
um.. -­ we copied us

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