Controversial ‘lock-out laws’ set to spread to Queensland in AustraliaOAVE AUSTRALIA Queensland Australia

Controversial ‘lock-out laws’ set to spread to Queensland in Australia

Measures designed to limit the sale of alcohol and entry into nightclubs, dubbed “lock-out laws,” are set to be passed in the Australian state of Queensland in the near future. The northeastern Australian state is following the lead of its western neighbor, New South Wales, which passed similar legislation that has been met with controversy and outrage — including a sharp rebuke from Sydney’s own Flight Facilities.

When put on the books, the laws will limit the sale of alcohol to club patrons past 2am, with a special exception of 3am made for designated “entertainment zones,” beginning July of 2016. February 2017 will see the initiation of a 1AM cutoff time for entry or re-entry into clubs and bars within the state.

Much like in Sydney and New South Wales, “lock-out laws” have been met with opposition. Many accuse the government of choosing the concerns of larger corporations over those of small-businesses, while also punishing the majority of citizens for the actions of a small minority who cause trouble late at night.


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