Maryland officials call for ban on sales of powdered alcoholPalcohol

Maryland officials call for ban on sales of powdered alcohol

Palcohol, a widely popular powdered alcohol, hasn’t made many friends since its approval for sale in the United States last March. The white powder is mixed with water to produce vodka, rum, and three cocktails: cosmopolitans, margaritas, and lemon drops.

While the product was originally met with excitement by all those eager for lightweight alternatives to large liquor bottles, especially camping festival attendees, many states are being urged to oppose the 55% alcohol product from hitting the shelves in their states.

The Baltimore City Health Department is the latest government body expressing concern regarding the safety of palcohol. They claim the product would lead to “abuse and misuse among both youth and adults”. Physicians and other public health leaders have cited a “lack of safety data” to have the product removed from shops in Baltimore, and the state of Maryland, completely.

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