Skrillex & A$AP Rocky both make cameos in ‘Zoolander 2’AAP Rocky Skrille Zoolander 2

Skrillex & A$AP Rocky both make cameos in ‘Zoolander 2’

When it was announced that Ben Stiller’s lovable persona Zoolander would be making a return to the silver screen, worldwide celebration ensued. Following suit with many sequels made long after the originals, Zoolander 2‘s trailers have depicted numerous cameos from A-List stars coming from all over the entertainment industry.

Justin Bieber’s death scene was the first major musical cameo appearance unveiled in the film; a highly entertaining segment for those who both love and hate the artist. Now, A$AP Rocky and Skrillex have also been revealed as having minor roles in the most recent preview. Skrillex can be seen DJing in his usual style, while A$AP Rocky┬áraps in an underground, sewer-like setting.┬áThe last time we saw both artists sharing screen time was their music video for “Wild For The Night.”

Zoolander 2 comes out in theaters on February 12.

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