Funktion-One announces new large format touring sound system, VeroFunktion One Vero

Funktion-One announces new large format touring sound system, Vero

The name Funktion-One has become synonymous with extraordinary sound quality. Sublime response up and down the frequency spectrum, Funktion-One sound systems deliver crisp, clear highs, smashing lows, and everything in between.

After six years of development, the British company is only a month away from debuting its newest system, Vero, which they believe will redefine audio and operational performance expectations. The inspiration for Vero came out of frustration with declining live audio quality standards and an understanding for the need for a system that can be easily assembled, disassembled, and flown across the country while on tour.

To meet these needs, Funktion-One created Vero as a complete system, with each component designed, as part of the whole, to deliver optimum performance. Along with the hardware, which includes the speaker arrays and Funktion-One’s patented Lambda flying system, Vero comes with innovative Projection software that can calculate ideal settings for each array and the entire system to deliver peak audience coverage in each unique venue layout.

One of the founders of Funktion-One, Tony Andrews, believes that Vero will be one of the most important breakthroughs to come out in audio engineering world: “Talking from the perspective I have right now, just before we launch, I believe Vero will turn out to be one of the most important developments to come out of almost five decades working in audio,” Andrews says.

The system will be launched at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt, alongside the first touring product from the Evolution series, the Evo 7T, and a new horn-loaded bass enclosure, the F132, which has frequency response of 24Hz to 70Hz from a single 32-inch driver. The show will take place on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, and will certainly only further cement Funktion-One’s place at the top of the live audio industry.

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