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MitiS – Foundations EP

MitiS has a thoughtful, good-natured air about his music that often inspires a breather from life’s endless stresses. His Foundations EP, released today as a free download, explores the essence of this feeling in even greater depth, revealing once again the dedication MitiS has to his art.

“1.16.2016” starts the voyage with a radiant, classical-infused tone. Effortless piano is slowly enveloped by vast background atmospheres as the short piece crescendos and fades without ever feeling the need for a beat. Second on the bill, “Believe,” has a similar airy tone, but escalates the pressure with a powerful, steady downtempo beat.

Next, the title track of the EP continues along the same spatial contemplation, this time with beautiful vocals by Adara adding an extra aspect of elegance. Building up beyond the crescendo this time, MitiS fills up any sound system’s every nook and cranny with the classic melodic dubstep sound that he built his career off of.

“Before the Season Ends” directs the listener to the paradigm of MitiS’ progressive house, where the melodies and chords intertwine and move as one to pick up the energy. The sounds present here are somewhat more striking, with the main lead taking on a ripping quality and the basses becoming more pronounced, creating more abrupt surges in energy.

After solidifying his foundation, he breaks into some new territory with “Breathe.” This time featuring fellow melodic artist, FathoM, “Breathe” follows in the breakbeat footsteps of “Foundations,” but is a slight departure, at least in the first half, from the melody-driven style seen throughout MitiS’ music. Once the track gets going, the bassline takes a more central role by providing the backbone the first half of the song, eventually giving way to some very deep, yet subtle, melodic textures.

Last but certainly not least, “Forever” goes beyond progressive house, grooving just over the boundary into progressive trance. Unhurried breakdowns and builds showcase timeless saw arpeggios and heavily delayed lead plucks that have been a staple in progressive trance tunes for many years.

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