Steve Angello drops tense new video for ‘Prisoner’Angello

Steve Angello drops tense new video for ‘Prisoner’

Steve Angello has dropped a tense new video for “Prisoner.” The track is the sixth from his debut album, Wild Youth, to receive treatment.

The narratively rich video tails two brothers as they prepare themselves and their car for a gritty folkrace in rural Sweden. Seeking authenticity, the video’s protagonists are played by the Hagbergs–a real life Swedish folkrace family.

“I wanted to touch on the dark and almost maniacal side of Swedish culture,” Angello told Spin. “The brothers’ passion and love for the sport is as big as my love for music and I am very proud of the end result of this project.”

As a result, “Prisoner” is an intoxicating documentary, offering an unflinching look at the tradition and examining the lives of those who partake in it. The visuals integrate seamlessly with the Gary Go-penned lyrics as we see the brothers become victim to their own passions.

H/T: Spin

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