Watch This: Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge satirize EDM with new project ‘CVNT5’Gareth

Watch This: Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge satirize EDM with new project ‘CVNT5’

When you name a project CVNT5, subtlety is immediately thrown out the window. Comprised of English producers Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge, the new act CVNT5 has released a video for their self-titled debut that is an on-the-nose lampooning of the current atmosphere surrounding dance music.

The track itself is fairly standard progressive house fare; the video itself, however, is much more engaging. Emery and Wallbridge are two average guys who decide to become DJs. They lack a willingness to work hard, production knowledge, and diligence to their craft so the duo decide to employ a ghost producer — someone who is paid to produces a track for another artist to release. The source of most of the video’s humor comes from the interchanged shots of the ghost producer composing in the studio and the duo, having decided to call themselves CVNT5, practicing their crowd moves, trying on ridiculous clothes, buying social media followers, and generally being horrible.

It’s a savvy move by Emery and Wallbridge to use a satirical side project to take shots at artists on the scene who are manufactured and prioritize style over substance. No specific names are mentioned but those who do have been put on notice. You can watch CVNT5 debut video above.

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