Mr. Carmack & Promnite – FDT (Original Mix)Carmack Promnite FDT

Mr. Carmack & Promnite – FDT (Original Mix)

Mr. Carmack and Promnite are two of the most idiosyncratic producers on the electronic scene and fans can never be sure what direction either producer will take with their next release. It’s no surprise then that their collaborative effort “FDT” leans heavily into their eccentricities and comes out somewhere between a chameleon and a chimera.

The track pulls from numerous different genres, though it is ostensibly a trap record. There are, however, numerous bass plucks that wouldn’t be out of place in deep house while the build up for the second drop has a distinctly moombah/reggaeton feel. An nasal synth occupies the majority of the melodic space for the first half of the track, and allows the two producers to weave a frenetic and intricate web of samples, percussion, and synthesizers into an aggressive foundation around which to orbit. Things turn progressively darker in the middle of the track, as ominous horns blare before giving way to Carmack and Promnite’s take on the classic THX sound effect.

The intricacies of “FDT” are a testament to the producers’ impressive ability to incorporate so many disparate pieces into a cohesive, powerful, and inimitably original track.

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