Music triggers the same brain effects as food, drugs, & sexInfinite Crowd

Music triggers the same brain effects as food, drugs, & sex

Music is one of the few past-times for which nearly every human being shares a mutual liking. People are drawn to its beauty and entrancing rhythms, often going out of their way to see various types of live performances and feeling profoundly sad when an artist they cherish passes away. Its mysterious ability to cast a spell over the mass population is one that Life Noggin explores in their video depicting their latest scientific findings on how music affects the brain.

Brain scans of subjects on music reveal a triggering of dopamine release. The hormone is released in smaller amounts during a song’s buildup, until a large amount is released during its peak – a reaction akin to the brain after eating, sex, and taking drugs. Music is also processed differently than other sounds, like background noise, according to Life Noggin. Several areas of the brain react to music, including movement, motor planning, the auditory cortex, and attention. As a result, another study revealed that children with at least three years of musical training scored higher on tests than others.


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