Crywolf provides a beautiful cover of Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’Crywolf Flume Cover

Crywolf provides a beautiful cover of Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’

As Flume’s sophomore album Skin edges ever close to its May 27 release date, Los Angeles-based artist Crywolf has reinterpreted the record’s biggest single, “Never Be Like You.”

Over the past couple of years, Crywolf has perfected his brand of emotional downtempo and indie electronic. His new cover of Flume perfectly exemplifies this signature style, offering a poignant reimagining of the Australian producer’s recent future bass hit. The cover begins with Crywolf’s delicate vocals, alternating smoothly with a transposed harmony. As the song unfolds, orchestral layers stack to a regressed tempo, culminating in a potent progression that pulls one in with ease. It’s an enthralling reinterpretation to say the least, and ultimately a testament to the infectious songwriting behind Flume’s original hit.

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