Hotel Garuda – Smoke Signals (Alizzz Remix)SmokeSignals ElectricMantisRm

Hotel Garuda – Smoke Signals (Alizzz Remix)

Hotel Garuda graduated from remixes to original material at the outset of 2016, choosing PRMD Music as its first solid home for releases. With “Smoke Signals” offering a suitably strong debut from the collaborative efforts of Manilla Killa and Candle Weather, the remix offerings have followed a suitably high bar. We enjoyed the complex layers and focussed energy of Electric Mantis’s remix, but Barcelona’s Alizzz steps in to twist a deliciously focused and glitchy take on the track, pairing coordinated beat work with vigorous spurts of energy throughout. It compliments a strong package of next generation talent, adding some serious weight to this landmark release from the the rising duo.

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