Watch Kygo’s live performance of ‘Stay’ on Good Morning AmericaKYGO At Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 32

Watch Kygo’s live performance of ‘Stay’ on Good Morning America

Despite a relatively short career thus far, Kygo has already been heralded as an “electronic superstar” for his pioneering work in the tropical house genre. Having taken up the honor of performing at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in addition to earning his first Billboard cover in February for the impressive number of streams he’s brought in, the Norwegian wunderkind further magnified his celebrity with the release of his debut album Cloud Nine on May 13.

In December, he unveiled “Stay” with Maty Noyes on vocal duties, completing a trifecta of highly successful album singles following “Firestone” and “Stole The Show.” The bubbly song debuted as an acoustic cover initially, but the full studio number had yet to be performed live on the shores of where one of his most dedicated fanbases rests: the US.

Good Morning America recruited Kygo for the task of showcasing “Stay” in its full glory to the American public. He opted to perform the original tropical version of the hit, bringing along Noyes to sing verses live over the track’s mellowed keyboard melodies and kitschy guitar samples. Watch the two artists captivate their audience in the video above.

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