Bassnectar announces successful removal of skin cancerBassnectar 3

Bassnectar announces successful removal of skin cancer

With his veritable legion of fans, oftentimes found camped out in front of the main stage hours before his set, it’s a surprise that not everything is known about Bassnectar. The producer born Lorin Ashton, took to his personal Facebook page June 15 and shocked his followers by revealing that not only had he been diagnosed with a form of skin cancer this past spring — Basal Cell Carcinoma — but that the tumor had been successfully removed.

The producer makes a point to say that he actively pursues a healthy lifestyle, eschewing partying for good sleep and diet, but that he does enjoy a day spent laying in the sun. It’s a sobering reminder that despite doing everything the right way, health complications can arise for even the most careful. Ashton goes on to give his heartfelt thanks to the doctors who helped him and that he has the utmost appreciation to still be able to do what he loves.

Bassnectar’s full statement can be found below.

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