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DA Premiere: Monkey Safari – Bernstein (UNER Remix)

It has become somewhat of common practice for EP’s to not only include new originals, but also play home to a selection of choice remixes that further define the narrative of the release. As such, it comes as no surprise that Monkey Safari have included a remix from UNER on their forthcoming Bernstein EP.

When a name such as UNER precedes the word remix, it’s a near guarantee that a special soundscape awaits. The Spanish producer places a heavy focus on harmony and pays an incredible amount of attention to detail, resulting in some rather otherworldly sonic experiences. His remix of “Bernstein” is no outlier. Sewing together an incandescent tech house tune replete with orchestral touches and methodically layered chords, UNER has once again crafted a standout track that leaves a lasting impression.

UNER’s remix of “Bernstein” is available to stream now, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut. The complete EP will be released on July 1 via Monkey Safari’s label, Hommage.

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