One woman confirmed dead following EDC VegasEDCLV 2015 AndrewNoh 013

One woman confirmed dead following EDC Vegas

Despite EDC Las Vegas‘ initially positive report confirming zero deaths and “mostly minor” medical calls, it appears out that one female attendee of hundreds of thousands was overlooked.

Hailing from San Diego, the unnamed 20-year-old reportedly collapsed and seized around 6am Monday morning as she and her friends waited for the shuttle. Traffic surrounding the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was so dense that ambulances failed to arrive in a timely manner.

The woman’s temperature rocketed to 110 degrees upon arrival at UMC, and could not be saved. She was officially pronounced dead on Wednesday night.

“You read it in the paper that everything went well and there were no deaths, but it’s not true,” said John Perez, a family friend. “I’m mad. I’m very angry.”

Dane Kaimuloa, the woman’s father, says that she will undergo surgery so that her organs can be harvested for donation. When asked for a comment, Insomniac released the below statement:

Our sincerest thoughts and condolences go to the family and friends of the guest who passed away after attending the festival. While the cause of this tragedy has not yet been determined, we ask everyone to keep her loved ones in their prayers during this time of grieving.”

Via: Fox5 Vegas

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