Daft Punk to contribute to new Stanley Kubrick exhibitionDaftpunk

Daft Punk to contribute to new Stanley Kubrick exhibition

Thomas Bangalter, one half of the world’s favorite French robot duo Daft Punk, will be contributing to a new London exhibition honoring the late film auteur Stanley Kubrick. Entitled “Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick,” the exhibition will open in early July.

Bangalter, along with other artists such as English musicians Jarvis Cocker and Beth Orton, as well as sculptor Anish Kapoor, have been tapped to create a new work of art, “responding to a film, scene, character or theme from the Kubrick archives, or even the man himself.” Given the director’s legendary output of films, including such classics as Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining, the artists will have no trouble finding inspiration for their contributions.

“Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick” opens in London’s Somerset House July 6 and runs through August 24.

Daft Punk to contribute to new Stanley Kubrick exhibitionDaftKubrick



Back in 2013, one curious fan decided to see what would happen if he matched up Daft Punk’s “Contact” with a sequence from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odysssey. “On a whim, I tried playing Contact against the end segment of 2001 and it synced up flawlessly,” dj200423 writes. “The film and song aren’t edited in any way, they both play out in full duration.” The results speak for themselves. Check it out below.

H/T: Consequence of Sound

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