Dusky announce release date for new album along with new singleDusky Press Shot 2014

Dusky announce release date for new album along with new single

English duo Dusky are known for pushing the boundaries of underground electronic music, often treading avant-garde territory where few modern producers would dare venture. In many ways mirroring the mindset of jazz musicians, the pair are dedicated to experimentation, which is best seen in their original productions or live sets.

Earlier this year, the duo teased fans by releasing the first single, “Ingrid Is A Hybrid” of their forthcoming, untitled album. Now, that highly-anticipated sophomore album, Outer, has an official release date of September 30, 2016.

Alluding to themes that may be prominent in the album, the new single, “Sort It Out Sharon,” also mentions a woman’s name. Some similarities beyond just the title can be heard in the tracks, such as a distinct female vocal sample and abstract beginnings and breaks. Beyond that, “Sort It Out Sharon” traverses new soundscapes in featuring rapper Wiley, who spits a stream-of-consciousness type of flow over Dusky’s signature dark undertones, punctuated by quick, sharp percussion with just the right amount of reverb.

A hard copy of the album can be pre-ordered here, or on iTunes here.

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