Watch the music video for Ookay’s ‘Thief’Maresdefault 3

Watch the music video for Ookay’s ‘Thief’

The first ever Vine Electronic music video premiere comes from none other than Ookay, who supplies the visuals to his original “Thief.” Currently ascending on dance charts and radio, as well as cementing itself in the festival and nightlife circuits, “Thief” romanticizes melodic arrangements around a trap backbone, managing to create intimacy in appropriately aggressive atmospheres.

Playing into the love theme, the video spotlights six couples with mood-setting lighting, live musicians and the producer himself. Ookay cites last month’s Orlando tragedy as a moment that pivoted his inspiration for the visuals.

“While I had the vision for thief before the tragic events that took place in Orlando, it really changed my perspective on the song.As someone who spends the majority of my time in nightclubs trying to bring people together through music, it resonated deeply with me that someone tried to take that safe place away from us all. I wanted to send a message with this video that I truly believe in…In a world filled with hate, all we have is love. Nobody should have any fear when it comes to loving someone regardless of gender or race. That’s because #loveislove”

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