Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep (Marshmello Remix)Alan Walker Sing Me To Sleep Marshmello Remi

Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep (Marshmello Remix)

Marshmello has followed up on his recent Jauz collaboration with a substantial new remix of Alan Walker’s “Sing Me To Sleep.” Much of the reason Marshmello has enjoyed such a meteoric rise to fame over the past year is due to his consistent alignment of his production style and branding, and his latest release follows suit.

Marshmello’s remix of “Sing Me To Sleep” provides subtle dark undertones throughout, which match the lyrical content while remaining consistent with the “fluffy” style that fans are familiar with. This time around however, Marshmello slows the pace of the track into the mid-tempo range and utilizes almost the entire first half of the track for the initial buildup. After that, he keeps the groove consistent besides a short break in the middle and end, peppering the high end with chopped vocal samples that take prominence over a simple percussion pattern.

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