Watch Rezz’s full performance from Shambhala 2016REZZ 2

Watch Rezz’s full performance from Shambhala 2016

Rezz’s ascension to the spotlight has seemingly happened overnight, but it hasn’t been unwarranted. The Canadian producer spent years honing her craft before being discovered, and as a result, boasts one of the more unique brands in electronic music. With a steadily growing (and staunchly loyal) fan base and the backing of imprints like mau5trap and OWSLA, Rezz is primed to make some big moves in the next few years.

Rezz recently made her debut at Canada’s renowned Shambhala festival, performing a nighttime set from the Pagoda stage. As these things tend to go, one devoted fan captured her entire set on video. Rather than ignore or flag the set as most artists would do upon discovering an unlicensed recording, Rezz has taken the opposite approach and fully endorsed the user’s upload: “My entire shambhala set has surfaced the internet. ENJOY,” she wrote on Twitter.

Watch Rezz’s performance from Shambahla in full below: