Darude booed and heckled after omitting ‘Sandstorm’ from performanceDarude Image

Darude booed and heckled after omitting ‘Sandstorm’ from performance

Released in 2000, “Sandstorm” will forever be engrained in both dance and mainstream culture due to its interminable presence both in clubs internationally and across the Internet. While most people know Darude for his ubiquitous hit, the Finnish producer has also put forth several other popular singles, such as “Feel The Beat” and “Next To You.” Nonetheless, when Darude failed to play his seminal song during his set at TwitchCon in San Diego, a small contingent of festival-goers turned hostile.

Darude’s efforts to eschew the “one hit wonder” plague at the event went awry when members of the audience grew so angry after not hearing “Sandstorm” that they began to boo and heckle Darude. Showing an unnecessary level of contempt for the artist, some festival-goers claimed that the only reason TwitchCon booked Darude was because of the single.

The unfortunate event comes just a few weeks after Duke Dumont ended a performance early because of unruly fans. Luckily for Darude, he was able to complete his set and even played an encore set the next day where he wisely chose to play his definitive single

Watch the anger that ensued after Darude ended his set without playing “Sandstorm” below.

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