Insomniac to allow drug education on-site for first time in 10 yearsEdc 3

Insomniac to allow drug education on-site for first time in 10 years

Insomniac Events, the organizer behind massive festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland, is taking new steps to show attendees that raving can be done responsibly. In the midst of a festival landscape that has seen rising hospitalizations, deaths, and arrests, Insomniac has announced a meaningful partnership with the Drug Policy Alliance, or DPA.

It’s been a decade since Insomniac has collaborated with an advocacy group and welcomed on-site drug education. Adding to its significance, the new partnership comes at a time when media has focused more and more on the dangers of electronic music festivals due to illegal substance abuse. In an official statement, Stefanie Jones of DPA’s Safer Partying campaign explained the partnership’s goal: “While Insomniac still has a zero tolerance drug policy and conducts entry searches, they at least acknowledge that more needs to be done to keep their attendees informed and safe.”

‘Project: #OpenTalk,’ the official name of the Insomniac-DPA collaboration, will make educational information on mind-altering substances, sex, and mental health available to festival-goers. Acknowledging the impossibility of eliminating any and all drug use at these events, the aim of providing on-site information is to inspire unbiased conversations amongst attendees that will hopefully decrease the number of drug-related hospitalizations and deaths.

Insomniac’s Halloween event, Escape: Psycho Circus, in San Bernardino, California will serve as the debut location for ‘Project: #OpenTalk.’

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