RL Grime shares trailer for highly anticipated Halloween mixtapeRl Grime 2014

RL Grime shares trailer for highly anticipated Halloween mixtape

Henry Steinway has been relatively quiet in 2016. Barring a tantalizing tidbit about the follow up to his debut LP Void earlier in the year, we haven’t had too much movement from from the Wedidit proponent this year.

On Halloween, however, RL Grime will always reign supreme. Formerly known as electro-house purveyor Clockwork, the RL Grime project originally came to fruition as Steinway’s early moonlighting in the trap space, and since then, every year RL delivers an unmissable Halloween-themed mixtape that progressively seems to churn more and more hype each year.

Half a decade later, even during a relatively laid back year, RL creeps out of the shadows once again to share the trailer for his highly-anticipated mix. This year’s session, as per usual, promises all of tricks and treats that Steinway has stashed up his sleeve. Past presenters of the mix have been Goosebumps author R.L. Stein and comedian Hannibal Buress, and word from RL’s team indicates a special anchor is lined up for the fifth edition due October 28. Ahead of the annual Halloween mixtape, preview the trailer below, and revisit every Halloween mixtape since RL Grime’s emergence below.

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