ToneDen unveils ‘Lasso,’ a new tool to grow fanbasesToneden

ToneDen unveils ‘Lasso,’ a new tool to grow fanbases

After pioneering the practice of “follow to download” that helped artists expand their fanbase while still allowing their music to spread at little expense, ToneDen has announced Lasso, a new tool that will take their initial innovation a step further.

Designed to be a non-instrusive advertising experience for a page’s visitors, Lasso aims to subvert pop-ups — and their rage inducing qualities —into an enjoyable experience that engages and creates new fans.

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Formatted as a small widget in the corner of a web page, Lasso will launch and offer visitors a variety of products, from the standard “follow to download” to contests and VIP signups. The app is designed to be flexible enough to suit a wide variety of users while at the same time being effective in any situation.

The widget is available to users for free now and already boasts built in compatibility for sites such as Shopify, WordPress, Tumblr, and Squarespace.

Downtown Lasso here.

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