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Ta-ku & Wafia – Love Somebody (Mr. Carmack Remix)

Future Classic‘s rising stars Ta-ku and Wafia linked for a two-track EP in August that strongly displayed the former’s chill, contemplative production ethos and the latter’s sultry, versatile vocal stylings. The Australians’ release was well received and now is getting the remix treatment, with Mr. Carmack putting his spin on the duo’s “Love Somebody.”

While the original is a masterclass in Ta-ku’s style, mostly matching Wafia’s singing with an optimistic, though melancholic production, Carmack opts to do what he does best: flip the whole thing on its head as only he can. He bumps the tempo up and replaces the slowly unfurling synths of the original with ebullient chord stabs and a plethora of electronic blips. At the same time, Carmack manages to sneak in horn samples and truly idiosyncratic percussion elements. It’s a reproduction in every sense of the word, prominently featuring what made the original successful while at the same time transforming it into a completely new track.

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