Dancing Astronaut presents AXIS 186: Mixed by Felix JaehnFeli Jaehn Press

Dancing Astronaut presents AXIS 186: Mixed by Felix Jaehn

In 2015, Felix Jaehn made his global stement when his year-old remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader” picked up steam after topping charts all around the world and made its way to takeover US radio. The 22-year-old German producer was one of the pioneering acts to facilitate the crossover of melodic and tropical house, but has since evolved his sonic identity.

While he clearly still maintains a keen sense for combining dance and pop elements, as evidenced by his new single “Bonfire” which is currently sitting at 56 million streams on Spotify, Felix Jaehn takes us for a surprising, club-directed ride for his AXIS debut. The mix shifts from upbeat favorites like “No Money” to Lucas & Steve’s remix of “Eagle Eyes” to harder club favorites like Malaa’s “Diamonds” and Drezo & DJ Hanzel’s debut remix. Overall, Felix Jaehn offers up a pleasant surprise, showing off a different side to the hitmaker’s usual sound.

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