Fans have assembled deadmau5’s entire new album on YouTubeDeadmau5 Rukes

Fans have assembled deadmau5’s entire new album on YouTube

As deadmau5‘ 8th studio album, W:/2016ALBUM/, approaches its December release, anticipation among fans is at an all-time high. Last week, Zimmerman’s devoted community on Reddit managed to dig through his old streaming archives and recover the album’s tracklist. Now, a YouTube user by the name of Melbourne Mau5 has assembled all of the leaked LP tracks into one cohesive playlist, essentially allowing a full album listen prior to the release.

Some tracks, such as “Three Pound Chicken Wing” are only available in rough, shortened forms, while others are available in full. Despite the playlist’s incomplete nature, it is most certainly enough to tide fans over until W:/2016ALBUM/ becomes fully unveiled on December 2.



“Cat Thruster”


“Imaginary Friends”

“Let Go”

“Deus Ex Machina”

“No Problem”


“Three Pound Chicken Wing”

“Whelk Then”

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