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Ticketmaster to sell tickets on Spotify in new partnership

Streaming titan Spotify is no stranger to curating cutting-edge industry partnerships, with their newest one tapping ticketing giant Ticketmaster. As it currently stands, when users listen to a song on Spotify, they can see when that artist will perform in their city next, thanks to their partnership with Songkick.

This additional Ticketmaster partnership amps up the Spotify experience by providing links to concert listings and tickets into personalized user emails within the application itself. When fans now use Spotify, they’ll not only see upcoming concert dates, but they’ll also be able to click a link to buy tickets through Ticketmaster.

Spotify assures that this move will help them better understand user trends to refine listening recommendations. The company also clarifies that their partnership with Songkick will continue “for concerts that aren’t being sold via Ticketmaster. Through Songkick’s comprehensive database of shows, we’ll ensure that every date — no matter who you ticket through — is listed and can be recommended to fans around the world.”

This new streaming-ticketing union rivals that of Pandora and Ticketfly, with the former’s 2015 acquisition of the latter also resulting in nearby concert recommendations through the radio-like streaming service.

Spotify’s official statement on their partnership with Ticketmaster can be found on their blog.

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