DA Premiere: Guy Mantzur – Lullaby (Original Mix)Guy Mantzur Blooming Fields

DA Premiere: Guy Mantzur – Lullaby (Original Mix)

Israel is home to a bevy of cutting-edge progressive acts pushing the subgenre forward; one such artist is Guy Mantzur who is helping lead the charge. Having served as an integral part of the scene for many years, he’s perfected the art of creating minimal, yet melodic and impactful pieces which have consistently landed his work at the top of dance charts in addition to making him a sought-after collaborative partner with other titans in the scene. Additionally, his imprint PlattenBank has been a key access point for rising artists since its inception.

Mantzur returns to his label after his widely acclaimed “Children With No Name” single with Khen to release a stunning two-tracker titled Blooming Fields. He closes the EP on a brooding note with “Lullaby,” which paints an image of longing and introspection through the use of crisp, melodic bass underlining lush percussion and rolling kicks that maintain a consistent pace until the end. It presents the type of journey we’re used to hearing from Guy on his work: deep, intricate, and progressive.

Blooming Fields is set to release on December 12.

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