Die Antwoord drop Yolandi Visser-directed music video [NSFW]Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord drop Yolandi Visser-directed music video [NSFW]

Die Antwoord wouldn’t be who they are unless they were shamelessly in your face at all times. The foul-mouthed South African rave-rap emcees put out a new record this year, Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid, that falls directly in line with their rambunctious aesthetic. The pair have mastered shock-value, and now they’re taking their artistic craft to new mediums. 2015 brought on the duo’s big screen debut with principal roles in Chappie, and now we see Yolandi and Ninja returning to screen work with the newest feature, the new music video for “Fat Faded Fuck Face.” This time Yolandi takes on a behind-the-camera role too, making her directorial debut on the new music video.

The video for “Fat Faded Fuck Face” pushes the group’s inky, sordid ethos artfully, sticking close to Die Antwoord’s penchant for dark eroticism and gritty, urban zeff culture. Atmospherically somewhere between the Church of Satan and and a gentleman’s club, Yolandi’s debut ropes together plenty of graffiti, nudity, and debauchery in the most quintessential Die Antwoord fashion.

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