Dillon Francis has remixed ‘Hava Nagila’ in honor of Hanukkah [Free Download]Dillon Francis Fb Photo September 2016

Dillon Francis has remixed ‘Hava Nagila’ in honor of Hanukkah [Free Download]

Today, December 25, the Western world is celebrating the apex of the holiday season. As Christians and assorted secular capitalists celebrate Christmas, their Jewish peers are entering into the second day of Hanukkah, which commenced at nightfall of December 24 for the first time in decades. To kick-start the eight-day celebration, Dillon Francis released boisterous trap remix of the classic Israeli celebration song, “Hava Nagila.”

Alongside the release of the free download, Francis posted this message to his SoundCloud:

“So yesterday before the Dillstradamus show i was thinking to myself there are way too many Christmas remixes so I decided to make this Hanukkah flip to play at the show and for the first night of Hanukkah of course! heres a free download! The menorah is about to be fucking lit. Can’t wait to see everyone dancing the hora! Happy Hanukkah!”

Francis has reaffirmed the knack for creating anthemic party music with quarter-tones which he first showcased in his DJ Snake collaboration, “Get Low.” Undoubtedly, this remix will be the cornerstone of many particularly raucous Hanukkah celebrations in the coming week, and in many future clubbers’ bar mitzvahs in months to come.

Toda raba, Dillon.

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