Nearly 60% of ecstasy sold in the U.S. is not pure according to a new study1355354210 Ecstasy Pills

Nearly 60% of ecstasy sold in the U.S. is not pure according to a new study

A new study, first reported in The Guardian, shows that — as opposed to the majority of highly-potent ecstasy found in Europe — nearly 60% of pills or powder sold as “ecstasy” or “molly” in the U.S. contain little to no MDMA, the active ingredient found in the drug. This is especially dangerous as U.S. users are often consuming other synthetic materials, including methylene, butylone, bath salts, and other drugs such as ketamine, methamphetamine, PMA, and flakka without knowing. Less harmful components such as aspirin and caffeine can also be found in the pills.

As detailed by The Guardian, “According to data collected from a range of sources, anywhere between 30% and 60% of what is being sold as molly or ecstasy in the USA is not in fact MDMA.” A Drug Enforcement Agency spokesman explained to the newspaper, “We don’t really see MDMA any more.”

A combination of factors have led to the random and oftentimes precarious concoctions that comprise today’s ecstasy, according to the report. Both the rise of uneducated drug users and a more stringent U.S. drug policy, which makes it more difficult to import the precise ingredients required to make real MDMA, are contributors to the problem.

While members of the dance community have taken certain steps to help reduce the dangers associated with drug, these strict policy restrictions unfortunately make it harder for U.S. venues and drug advocacy groups to execute drug checking and other injury-reducing tools.

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