IBM’s Watson the first AI to curate a dance partyIBMGram

IBM’s Watson the first AI to curate a dance party

Curation has become big business in these modern times and, like many other professions, it appears robots are on the way to take our jobs. IBM’s Watson AI supercomputer was recently contracted to curate the world’s first “cognitive dance party.” Popular morning party organizer Daybreaker enlisted Watson’s help, using its unique cognitive processes to analyze attendees’ Twitter handles and their responses to a short questionnaire. Using the information it gathered from 500 lucky partygoers in San Francisco, Watson broke attendees into three distinct groups and curated a set list that would appeal to the entire crowd.


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These three groups, decided by their most prominent personality trait (expressive, outgoing, or conscientious) were also given an identifying color: yellow, red, and purple, respectively. The groups were then given a unique breakfast and participated in one of three exercise activities: yoga, capoeira, or high-intensity interval training.

After exercising, the groups were led to the dance floor where Watson had control over both the set list and light show. By all accounts, the supercomputer did an exemplary job at the party and Daybreaker’s CEO has already said that he hopes to have the AI curate more events in the future.

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