Watch deadmau5’s new Cube 2.1 visuals in action [Videos]DEADMAU5 21 Small 1

Watch deadmau5’s new Cube 2.1 visuals in action [Videos]

Joel Zimmerman first gave fans a glimpse of his new stage production, Cube 2.1, in December, following the release of his W:/2016ALBUM/. To be debuted during his forthcoming “lots of shows in a row” tour, Cube 2.1 is an extrapolation of the stage setup which catapulted deadmau5 performances into the attention of the mainstream. Past evoking nostalgia, the monolithic cubical rig aims to further innovate Zimmerman’s performances.

Though his visually astounding stage updates won’t be seen in a live setting until his tour kicks off in late March, deadmau5 has provided further footage that showcases the capabilities of Cube 2.1 in a series of YouTube videos. Though the visual arrangements mapped out in the videos below are a far cry from experiencing Zimmerman’s production in person, they succeed in steepening anticipation for what is to come this spring.

Buy tickets to deadmau5’s “lots of shows in a row” tour here.

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