10 things we learned from Dubfire’s Reddit AMA

Dance music stalwart and SCI+TEC owner Dubfire has been quite the busy musician as of late. In addition to touring around with his special Hybrid live shows, releasing a Retrospectivo album of his work with Oliver Huntemann, and manning his imprint, the Iranian-American legend also made a documentary on his life as an immigrant living the American Dream and succeeding in his art form.

In celebration of the documentary’s official release, which will happen during Miami Music Week, and hours before his gig at SXSW Festival, the legend took a virtual stop at Reddit to speak with fans on a personal basis. Read on below for ten intriguing tidbits of information that stood out in particular:

1. Fans will be able to re-live Dubfire:Live HYBRID via a live video album



2. He holds a philosophically positive view of the dance music scene



3. He appreciates that contemporary DJing is not as labor-intensive as the vinyl days



4. Like the “Japanophile” he is, Dubfire’s favorite city is Tokyo.



5. He hopes to maybe one day settle down and have a family.



6. He has no problems supplying candid thoughts on drugs and their link to music.



7. Deep Dish must be driven by Dubfire and Sharam’s aligned visions, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like anything new will come out in the foreseeable future.



8. There’s an obvious reason for the explosion of darker shades of techno in Dubfire’s book.



9. When it comes to sake or any item of passion, he believes one should never stop learning.



10. Ultimately, the crowd is the ultimate deciding factor over how a DJ plays.



Read the full AMA here.

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