Berghain’s iconic mural has been taken down and sold in pieces

Devoted patrons of Berghain have now claimed ownership over Piotr Nathan’s iconic mural “Rituals of Disappearance”, which has been a part of the Berlin nightclub since it opened in 2004. Beghain’s entrance area will undergo a reconstruction period from March 17th – April 17th where Nathan’s mural once stood.

“Ritual of Disappearance”  were carefully disassembled into 171 aluminum panels and put on sale via an exclusive website provided by the nightclub, where they promptly sold out. Nathan states:

It is my wish for the panels to find their places in the homes of the guests who have celebrated in the club. After all, this massive mural, although conceived in form and content for a museum, was ultimately designed and realized in this extraordinary club. I compare partying at Berghain to cultic celebrations of indigenous tribes.



Whether or not Nathan’s panels will resurface on the open market, these fragments of Berghain’s rich history are without a doubt the ultimate dance music collector’s item.

Via Resident Advisor

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