Calvin Harris exposes creative process behind ‘Slide’ through Instagram StoryCalvinharris

Calvin Harris exposes creative process behind ‘Slide’ through Instagram Story

Calvin Harris provided a refreshing breath of fresh air to the EDM/Crossover hit scene with “Slide,” a mellow, retro-influenced collaborative piece featuring Migos and Frank Ocean. In the process, the Scottish superstar demonstrated his ability to remain at the forefront of contemporary pop in addition to his top-class musicianship which leads to him creating music that never fails to strike a chord with the public.

Outsiders haven’t had many chances to see the behind-the-scenes portion of his hit-making, however, which is why fans were overjoyed to see that Harris had taken to his Instagram Live feed on Sunday evening March 19 to provide an in-depth look at his process in creating “Slide.” Through multiple videos, we see Harris forging the central hook on the keyboard, working with his collaborators, and editing the entire piece on his production software. Indeed, he’s quite the talented musician.

A fan has since compiled all the videos and assembled them into a cohesive YouTube short. Watch the making of “Slide” its entirety below:

H/T: Reddit (r/WeAreTheMusicMakers)

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