Chrome Sparks – Wake (Original Mix)Chrome Sparks

Chrome Sparks – Wake (Original Mix)

Chrome Sparks is a genre all his own. The Brooklyn-based producer has a steady talent for putting together highly elaborate, yet subtle melodic arrangements. His dreamy September release, “All Or Nothing,” was an exceptional illustration of his serene and futuristic electronic aptitude, and now he’s back to continue his musical odyssey with another dazzling track titled “Wake” via Counter Records.

The minimal idiosyncrasies that make up Chrome Sparks sound result in music that is both arresting and ground-breaking, and his latest “Wake” is no different. Filled with ethereal hues of cascading synths atop a fluctuating cadence, the track paints a colorful landscape of ease and composure. A downtempo backdrop fills listeners with an eager sense of awe before transforming into a slightly darker and ominous texture near the end.

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