DJ Little Ale is the newest child DJ sensation and she already has a record dealDJ Little Ale

DJ Little Ale is the newest child DJ sensation and she already has a record deal

The number of child stars in the realm of DJing seems to be increasing at an unstoppable rate. A three year-old took the crown for South Africa’s Got Talent in 2015, while a twelve year-old techno prodigy has been filmed headlining underground clubs and events all over Europe. Now, a seven year-old girl out of Thailand has become the latest addition to the growing list of children possessing an adept skill at the art.

DJ Little Ale, a Swedish-born Lebanese talent currently based in Bali, has been making waves among the East Asian dance music circuit for her high-octane sets which feature heavy doses of Brazilian bass. She picked up the art of DJing at such a young age after following her father all around Europe for gigs, including the legendary Cocoon club in Ibiza.

Since making her entrance into the scene, the young star has been steadily accruing a fan-base of ravers and DJs, notably Brazilian bass powerhouses Alok, Dubdogz, and Bhaskar, the latter of which has stayed in touch with Little Ale and continues to send her fresh new beats as they come to him. Due to her early success, the Bali-based imprint Bali Praia has already signed her on for a single, while her first major gig came in the form of a choice Saturday slot at Thailand’s Wonderfruit festival.


Check out a video of Little Ale throwing down on the decks at Wonderfruit above.


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Feature Photo Credit: DJ Little Ale – Facebook


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