Amtrac – Some of Them ft. Meli (Original Mix)AmtracSomeOfThem

Amtrac – Some of Them ft. Meli (Original Mix)

With the launch of the Smirnoff Sound Collective last November, Smirnoff has positioned themselves as significant patrons of interesting electronic music. In partnership with Mixmag, the Collective sequestered a group of producers together in Joshua Tree, California last winter to see what kind of spontaneous creations might come of it. The two day retreat was intended to bring artists from a wealth of backgrounds together to celebrate diversity in electronic music and in almost no time, eclectic house producer Amtrac teamed up with vocalist Meli for a jam session.

The result of their efforts is now getting a fresh release on Amtrac’s own OPENERS imprint.

From an passing thought to a polished track in a handful of hours, “Some of them” is rewarding enough in concept alone, but together Amtrac and Meli have created something genuinely special. In many ways a fully modern production, the muscular track carries textural memories of both the producer and vocalists’ past works. Though it was their first meeting, the well matched duo seem to have cherry picked their favorite inspirations from previous tracks and morphed them together into a contemporary, funky package. The track’s seamless energy and vibrant layers belie the mere hours that went into it’s production, with the vocals cut in just one take. While Amtrac’s abilities are always a treat, it is Meli’s vocals–at times sweet and others raw and rippling with intense emotion–that truly carry the track.

The duo’s collaboration follows the first blistering release from Mexican rapper Niña Dioz and Shigeto called “Nubes” andis an exciting indicator of what’s left in store for those following Smirnoff Sound Collective’s innovative patronage in the electronic music circuit. News and releases from the collective are available at the project’s website, here.



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