Getter has created a rap alter ego that is surprisingly goodGetter Dancingastronaut

Getter has created a rap alter ego that is surprisingly good

One might be tempted to be skeptical of the notion of a hip hop side project from Getter. Though Tanner Petulla skyrocketed into dance music’s public eye near the end of 2015 when his “Suh Dude” videos with Nick Colletti went viral, it’s important to note that the producer had been honing his skills in the scene for years before achieving such recognition.

Petulla launched his Shred Collective imprint earlier in March in standard Getter form, blending his humorously apathetic aesthetic with thoughtful production in its inaugural release, “Inhalant Abuse.” Now, the producer has created a rap alter-ego, “Terror Reid,” which operates under the same form.

As Terror Reid, Petulla ostensibly satirizes the “Mystery Producer” concept, donning a white balaclava and matching ensemble. Getter announced “Uppercuts,” the project’s inaugural song, with the following tweet.

Lackadaisical and sarcastic as his announcement may be, Getter’s actual musical output as Terror Reid is worth noting. Petulla’s flow is surprisingly fluid and stirring, falling somewhere in between the essence of a Mickey Avalon and a deeply caucasian take on the Notorious BIG. Getter’s production on the track, too, is well-crafted, recalling the beat-work laid out for acts like Immortal Technique and People Under The Stairs.

Terror Reid’s “Uppercuts” will be available via Shred Collective on April 7. Stream its music video below:

H/T: This Song Is Sick

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